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It has survived not only five centuries.

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LEPOSA depends mainly on the members’ monthly subscriptions, donations
and small fund raising projects to finance its operations.

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The Association (LEPOSA) may sue and/or be sued in its name and may own assets,
movable or immovable, may enter into contracts and/or hold property in its name.

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January 01.2018


Develop negotiating tactical approaches based on a basket of demands.

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January 01.2018

Women Empowerment

Continuous development of professional and technical capabilities to participate in collective bargaining process

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January 01.2018

Fun Walk

Development of appropriate tactics of industrial action to put pressure on employer in support of rights and demands of members.


Representing the interests of all members of LEPOSA irrespective of their creed, religion, gender or any other factor in relation to improving the employment, professional, economic, social, health and cultural interests of such members.

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